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“A dictionary definition of “qualify” reads: “To furnish with knowledge, skill or other prerequisites necessary for a purpose.” We therefore unreservedly “Qualify” Heiller Construction and Steve and Joel Turnbow. We felt from our first meeting they would be cooperative and supportive in the building of our long retaining wall. They have not disappointed us in any way.” “We couldn’t possibly recommend HCI enough. They are a wonderful organization doing excellent work.” – Joan and Kevin Price, Pacific Palisades, CA

“I cannot say enough good things about Steve Turnbow and HCI. Steve was the contractor on my hillside soil/cement repair, and it was an extremely difficult task to undertake. Steve not only handled every right and left thrown at him with skill and confidence, he also handled everything with patience and kindness, and given the nature of the tasks at hand, was simply miraculous. Whether it was city demands, rain delays ot any ot the other myriad of unforeseen circumstances that a repair like this can throw at you, Steve handled everything like a champ. Whenever I had an issue or fear or problem and reached out to Steve, he got back to me as soon as possible, and he simply made the problem go away.” – Bill Kunstler, Los Angeles, CA

“We highly recommend your company to anyone who may need your services. We had thought that finding such dedicated, competent and honorable people, as we found with your company, would be impossible. You have restored our faith in contractors.” – Gary Gibson, Canoga Park, CA

“All three, Steven, Joel and Clint, are wonderful people, competent and generous of their time. Following their example, so were the workers they employ, anxious to respect our privacy and minimize all inconveniences. They are professionals who know their job, they had the equipment to perform it and they moved fast. The building of the walls went along nicely according to schedule and it remained within the estimated budget.” – John and Madeleine Schlag, Beverly Hills, CA

“Throughout this project, both Steve and Joel – and their crews – have been a pleasure to deal with, and held our hands during periods of anxiety that have occasionally attended this long and complicated project. Oh, by the way, they came in under budget. In a nutshell, we recommend HCI to anyone who has a hillside in need. When they say they specialize in hillsides and know a lot about them, they mean it–because they do.”  – Charles B. Rosenberg, Los Angeles, CA

“They had extremely high standards. I know firsthand the respect they have from the Department of Building and Safety. That respect was not only comforting to the homeowners, but also made the inspection process go smoothly.” “Needless to say, I give Heiller Construction my highest recommendation. Their work ethic, integrity and talent for the job makes them an exceptional company.” – George Wyner, Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve worked with several different contractors before for different types of work, and this is the first time I have experienced total satisfaction for a job very well done.” – LaDonna Peterson, Los Angeles, CA